Chapter 2 – Our First Trip as Grey Nomads

Emotional? Well, yes, I was emotional in a sad way when we sold the house we loved in Brisbane and yes I was emotional, but in an excited way when we later took possession of our beautiful Milo, a new 5.6 metre Kedron caravan that was to be our home into the future. That was, of course, as long as I stayed well and we could live with each other in such a confined space!

I probably need to explain the ‘Milo’ thing. Hank is our Toyota Landcruiser wagon, also known as Hank the Tank. Hank is the other love of my life and I hope you get to love him, too. Milo has nothing at all to do with any chocolate, malty flavoured milk drink. ‘Mi’ = the first two letters of Mike and ‘Lo’ = the first two letters of Lorraine. Easy. Milo is our Kedron Caravan and Milo Too is our tinny. Oh, and Milo is also our nickname. There you have it.


Our home away from home